About Us

Company overview

Since the conceptualization and birth of Rentsch Finance, it's efforts have been focused on becoming a leading European and Regional investments and capital asset manager, bridging local knowledge with extensive and exhaustive global expertise. The Company's journey over the previous years has been a story of strategic evolution, diversified investment portfolios and maturity growth during a period of global economic challenges.

While the market for the asset management industry continues to be volatile, Rentsch Finance is committed to achieving the highest standards of compliance. Our strategy will continue to be driven by the pillars outlined in our approach, to provide sustainable financial security for pensioners and their families, while supporting the European region's sustainable strategy for economic growth.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is built on the following foundation

  • A firm belief in active management

  • Fundamental bottom-up analysis of all investment opportunities

  • Thematic investing

  • Prudent risk management

  • Continuous monitoring of the macro environment and its impact on expected risk and returns across all asset classes to ensure client portfolio construction has highest probability of meeting their objectives